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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

I’ve been wearing Hearing Aids for about 3 years. Bought two basic moulded Oticons at an Audiologist down the street that was miffed that I wouldn’t spend $4,000 on high end ones. All I received were the two Hearing Aids and a small brush tool for cleaning. I wipe them off each day and clear any ear wax clogs. One (my worst ear) stopped working. I googled on site repairs & Ascent Audiology popped up.Their web site was well designed, welcomed walk-ins & did many repairs on site. Today I went to the Dartmouth Office & Dr. Jacobson was there. I fully expected that I’d be w/o my left aid for a couple of weeks or so. She looked at it & said the ear-wax filter (didn’t know there was one) was clogged & needed replacing. Apparently, I should have received a small supply of filter replacements in the beginning, but didn’t. Dr. J showed me how it’s done & sold me a few replacement filters for $6 and now I’m back in business. I couldn’t be happier & when I need some service or a Hearing Test or new Hearing Aids , I’ve got somebody I can trust that knows what their doing to work with me!

Greg S.

What a beautiful and clean office. Very professional and warm staff. Would definitely recommend for my friends and family.

Mary S.

I don't like writing reviews but after wearing these aids for a couple of weeks now I still get excited when I put them on. I bought the Starkey Livio AI hearing aids. What a game changer I work in a noisy environment and the aids use the GPS in my connected phone to track my location and movement to see if I'm driving or at work and changes the program to fit the environment. I can even create my own programs to fit any noise environment , I can watch TV or listen to music streamed directly to the aids with a supplied Bluetooth broadcaster. Did I mention I can talk on my phone using the aids. As a bonus I can use them as a language translator ala Star Trek. "Speak into the phone please" and the English translation goes straight to my aids 27 languages! I love these things.

Tech stuff aside working with the audiologist Rena was great. I found her to be very knowledgeable. She conducted a thorough hearing examine and worked with me to determine which aids best fit my needs. Rena programmed the aids to match my hearing profile and tweaked them during follow-up visits. She spent an hour explaining how to use them and what to expect as my brain adjusts to all the new sounds I'd been missing all these years. Frankly I had no clue that hearing and understanding conversation was not just making things louder. The professionalism, attention to detail and the patient in this office front and back is unsurpassed.

Barry B.

Rena is very knowledgeable, and she really is extremely helpful. Wonderful place.

Donna G

I recommend Ascend Audiology very highly. It was a clean, well kept office and the Dr was outstanding. I was having trouble with my left ear and was put through a very extensive test and was put at ease knowing all I was experiencing was congestion. She was prompt courteous and polite, and I’ll definitely return if ever I need her services in the future. 😊

Bob V.

Five-star service, knowledge, and professionalism from initial consultation and evaluation, through counseling, fitting, adjustments, and after care. Rena is fantastic and ensures a positive customer experience and satisfaction. Highly recommend Ascent Audiology & Hearing for evaluation and hearing aids.

Tim E.

Awesome experience working with Tanya. I ordered earplugs. She made the process easy for me. Thank you! Highly recommend.

Cameron C.

Excellent service! I called and set up an appointment which was done within 2 days- amazing! When I showed up the staff was overly professional and was willing to show my son and I how the process works and briefly explain the anatomy of the ear to us. Just amazing… thank you!

Victorious F.

The office is neat and clean. The secretary at the front desk is very nice and helpful.
Rena is friendly but professional. She is very patient and will explain things over and over until you are comfortable with the instructions and operation. If you have a problem they are very accommodating and will get you in soon.
I am very satisfied and recommend this business without hesitation.

Diane M.

Just straight ahead Rena is awesome. I have been going to Reno for a few years now and would never go anywhere else. Not only is the service absolutely great but for me I am legally deaf, she understands my anxiety when my hearing aids are not working correctly. They don't just work with a product they worked with the person. To me, that's right up their with fixing my device, and checking my hearing. Thank you Rena, and everyone there at Ascent audiology you are a blessing to me

Brian B.

I can't begin to start with how nervous I was in getting a hearing test done. Rena calmed my fears and explained everything to me in great detail. She was very patient and answered all my questions. To say my quality of life has improved dramatically is an understatement. I highly recommend Ascent Audiology. Rena is wonderful!


I have been wearing hearing aids for 15 years seeing different audiologists in different states. I am always pushing the limits of my hearing technology for all of the new bells and whistles to make my life easier. I chose Ascent for my latest upgrade. Dr. Jacobsen worked with me ,trying several brands over months before she found the perfect solution for me. Anything that she didn't know , she found tech support to help with . Rosemary at the front desk squueezed me in on a number of occasions and is always ready to help. They also saw my somewhat difficult 90 year old mother and did a beautiful job with her as well. I would highly recommend Ascent.

Nancy M.

My Mom has been a patient at Ascent Hearing for many years and has always received excellent care. She is always treated with respect and receives friendly and helpful service.

Giselle C.

Friendly, knowledgable service!

Stephen O.

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